Seasonal Property Coverage


Whether you call it a cabin, camp, chalet or cottage, it’s your client’s dream seasonal property and we have the coverage to protect it.

Private Septic System Endorsement

Private Septic System Endorsement 

Coverage for owners and lenders against loss or damage resulting from:  

  • Encroachments of the system onto adjoining lands or easements/servitudes;
  • Outstanding violations, deficiency notices, or work orders;
  • Improvements on the property violating the certificate of approval or use permit; and
  • A certificate of approval/use permit not being obtained for the system.
Water Potability Endorsement

Water Potability Endorsement

Coverage for lenders against loss suffered if water from a non-municipal source is considered not potable by a water quality agency.

Waterfront Endorsement

Waterfront Endorsement

Coverage for owners if they are forced to remove a dock, infill or a boathouse because it encroaches into the water or on to the original shoreline road allowance.

Lack of Access Endorsement

Lack of Access Endorsement

Coverage for owners if they are prevented from using their private access road because proper legal access has not been established.

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