Beware: Fraud Happens

Helping protect law firms against fraud with our ID Verification Service!


Fraud happens. It happens to new lawyers, seasoned lawyers, and everyone in between.

Make no mistake, today's fraudsters are highly sophisticated. Their sole focus is to make you believe they are the true owners of the property. They will have remarkably good fake ID’s, well-prepared backstories, and be very convincing.

Be alert and use all resources available to prevent identity fraud from happening.


When conducting a real estate transaction, there are 2 things that you must be certain of:

  1. The pieces of identification presented are real and valid;
  2. The individual claiming the identity is who they say they are.

Chicago Title has resources to help you determine the validity of identification, please see this short video for more information.

To bring even more to the table when it comes to preventing fraud, Chicago Title offers the ID Verification Service. This service will check the identity of the client (vendor, purchaser, borrower) against a variety of data sources to help validate the identity of the person.

The knowledge-based authentication process uses information that should only be known by the client. Only the identity owner should be able to correctly answer the questions when having their identity verified.

You can use the ID Verification Service for all your real estate transactions. Find more information about this service in our information sheet.

The Chicago Title team is dedicated to protecting all parties, lenders and legal professionals involved in a residential or commercial estate transaction.

Let’s work together to reduce identity fraud and add an additional level of security. 

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