Transaction Protection with Vendor Solicitor Protection

For Commercial and Residential transactions

Chicago Title is here to help protect the real estate transaction. Over and above the title insurance policies, the ID Verification service, the extended Gap coverage, we wanted to remind you that Transaction Protection Endorsement adds to the overall Chicago Title offering. 

During these uncertain and rapidly changing times, your purchaser gets extra protection when you choose Transaction Protection Endorsement (TPE) with Chicago Title Insurance. This endorsement protects the purchasers of residential and commercial properties against loss or damage as a result of undetected issues which might otherwise take them to Court. In addition to the Purchaser’s Solicitor coverage, your purchaser gets Vendor’s Solicitor coverage too. When you order your title insurance policy with Chicago Title, say YES to Transaction Protection Endorsement.

This endorsement is available for RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL title insurance transactions.


The additional premium for the Transaction Protection Endorsement on a residential transaction is $25 and an additional $5 for a simultaneously issued policy.


Available for transactions less than $5,000,000. Additional Premium for the Transaction Protection Endorsement on a Commercial Transaction will be from $50 to $125 and an additional $10 to $20 for a simultaneously issued policy.


  • Available for Commercial Transactions where all insured amount are under $5,000,000
  • Vendor’s Solicitor protection attached to Owner Policies
  • No Deductible
  • No limitation on liability, other than the Amount of Insurance
  • No Expiry date. In force for the life of the title insurance policy
  • Low one time premium per transaction
  • No annual fees
  • Best protection on the market

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