Transaction Protection Endorsement

Maximize the coverage with Increased Policy Amount Endorsement!

Every residential owner policy issued by Chicago Title Insurance Company contains a standard provision to address the increase in fair market value of the Land, which will compensate an insured owner for a maximum of 200% of the Amount of Insurance for an Actual Loss because of a Covered Risk.

The Increased Policy Amount Endorsement will provide additional comfort to the insured. The amount of the policy coverage will reflect the increase in current market value of the homeowner’s property (less any improvements). 

Allow your clients to benefit from this additional coverage on their residential property.

Say Yes to Increased Policy Amount Endorsement and maximize the coverage available.

The Increased Policy Amount Endorsement is available to be added to residential owner policies whether the insured is purchasing a residential property or wishes to protect the home they already own with an existing homeowner policy.

Additional premium:

  • 10% of the premium (or minimum of $50) when purchasing a property
  • 20% of the premium (or minimum of $75) when issuing an existing homeowner policy .

Contact your Regional Manager to learn more about this endorsement.

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