Toolkit to Prevent Fraud


Canadians lost more than $37 million to scammers in 2020

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Based on our extensive experience with fraud claims and the feedback of a number of your fellow practitioners, we've created a checklist to help you take steps to avoid fraud.

To mark the 17th anniversary of Fraud Prevention Month, Chicago Title Insurance Company Canada brings to you useful tips and

stories to protect you and your clients from a potential fraud.

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We will be hosting a series of presentations through the month of March

Our regional managers will share some valuable tips on how you can detect and prevent fraud through these presentations. These tips are a result of our years of experience in handling fraud claims and preventing fraud. Click on the link below to register for these presentations.



It is important to know that real estate fraud exists, how it happens, and how to protect against it. 

Due to the increase in fraud-related incidents, it has become critical for lenders, the legal community, and real estate professionals to be proactive in the fight against fraud. Click on the link below to read about the types of real estate fraud that exist and the things you need to watch out for to prevent fraud.



These are fraud related claim stories related to fraud.
It has been shown  that real estate fraud often begins with identity theft. Click on the link below to read about these Chicago Title fraud-related claims stories.




Red Flags


Closing a fishy transaction might drown your business! 

The Chicago Title team is committed to protecting all its clients and partners: lenders, residential and commercial property owners and legal professionals. Click on the link below to learn more about the red flags to watch out for in every real estate transaction and what you can do in those situations.

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In our continued fight against fraud, Chicago Title liaises with local police departments to obtain their latest tips on how to properly check identification

Verifying the identity of a party to a transaction is the easiest part… or is it?  Apparently not, since real estate fraud is increasing at an alarming rate. Click on the link below to learn about the security features that you need to know while verifying your client's driver's license.

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Be alert and use all resources available to prevent identity fraud from happening.

Make no mistake; today's fraudsters are highly sophisticated. Their sole focus is to make you believe they are the true owners of the property. They will have remarkably good fake ID’s, well-prepared backstories, and be very convincing. Click on the link below to learn about our ID verification service and how we can become your second set of eyes! 


Fraud happens. It happens to new lawyers, seasoned lawyers, and everyone in between.

Chicago Title takes fraud seriously. We protect you and take a number of steps to ensure fraudsters are not successful in their attempts. Click on the link below to learn why we are your perfect partner in the fight against fraud.

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