As a company, we believe in giving back to the community that we operate in. We are incredibly proud to have partnered up with various organizations committed to eliminating homelessness and empowering communities across Canada and globally.

World Housing

We have partnered with World housing in their mission to end global homelessness. We have supported the following projects so far:

  • Girls to Grannies Village
  • Women and Families Centre
  • Affordable 3D Housing

Pinball Clemons Foundation

We believe everyone deserves equal opportunity, regardless of their race and or sexual orientation. We partnered with Pinball Clemons Foundation to provide residents for youth without shelter.

Labre House

We are working with Labre House to build studio apartments and a day center that provides food, clothes, and health services for the homeless in our community.

Our Progress

We are working towards empowering the communities we operate in and are committed to sharing our progress as we work towards this goal.


Over 300 lives have been positively impacted over the last three years


Over $90,000 has been spent on projects within and outside our community.


We have supported over 25 charities in the last three years

Other Charities Supported

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