The words 'Practicing real estate law can be risky business.' on a black background.

We’ve all been there – mistakes happen; that’s why we’ve got you covered!

With our Transaction Protection Endorsement (TPE) your clients can benefit from this endorsement on all residential and commercial transactions.*



What does TPE protect against?

• Errors or omissions in the review of agreements and documents related to the transaction.
• Errors or omissions made in the statements of adjustments.
• Failure to conduct title or off-title searches.
• Failure to obtain additional documents.
• Fraud, theft, dishonesty, or negligence

Make sure every residential transaction is protected with auto issuance!

Never miss protecting your clients by signing up for auto issuance today. Fill out the form below, and we’ll apply it to every residential transaction—ensuring every deal has the highest level of protection on the market.

* The coverage limit for Transaction Protection Endorsement is $5,000,000 for each transaction. There are restrictions to the issuance of this endorsement and some transactions might not be eligible to receive this coverage.

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