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A home is the largest investment most people will make—and having the proper coverage in place will ensure your clients have the level of protection they deserve.

Our Increased Policy Amount endorsement ensures your clients aren't underinsured as their property increases in value.* When you add an Increased Policy Amount endorsement, we remove all inflationary limits to the policy—giving your clients the ultimate peace of mind.


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*A standard title insurance policy provides maximum inflationary coverage of up to 200% of the original amount of insurance.

**For illustrative purposes only, we’ve used Ontario Standard pricing and a resale home with a purchase price of $500,000. The total amount displayed does not include the loan policy or tax.

†The Increased Policy Amount endorsement premium is 10% of the total homeowner policy premium (or a minimum of $52) if added to a new purchase transaction. The Increased Policy Amount endorsement is 20% of the total premium (or a minimum of $77) if added to an Existing Homeowner Policy.

Please note: The Increased Policy Amount endorsement does not provide coverage for an increase in value due to renovations undertaken by the homeowner.

This material is intended to provide general information only. For specific coverage details and exclusions, please refer to the applicable policy terms and conditions. Copies are available upon request. Some products and availability may vary by province. Prices and products are subject to change without notice.

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