Seasonal vacation home on the water.

Added protection for your clients’ secondary home

Seasonal properties come in all shapes and sizes, whether it's a house or a condominium by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains. These homes require a policy that’s just as unique as they are.

Chicago Title offers seasonal property endorsements allowing you to customize your clients’ coverage to fit their unique property – ensuring they have the maximum coverage available.

Private Septic System Endorsement

Private Septic System endorsement 

This endorsement is available to the homeowner and loan policy and provides coverage against for loss or damage sustained because of the existence, as of the date of policy:

  • A notice of violation or an outstanding defect due to encroachment or non-compliance with a zoning by-law or the absence of a building permit. 
  • The enforcement of any adverse circumstances disclosed by a local authority search at the date of policy relating to: 
    • the private septic system does not comply with the certificate of approval and/or use issued, or 
    • a certificate of approval and/or use was not issued at the time of installation of the private septic system. 

Here are some examples of claims: 

  • Your client acquires a cottage in 2020. The Municipality sends a notice of violation in 2023 for remediation work on the private septic system.  It turns out the septic tank was installed for a 2-bedroom cottage, but the  cottage contains 3 bedrooms. It’s’ covered!
  • Your client purchased a cottage in 2020. The Municipality sends a notice of violation because the septic system was installed without obtaining a permit.  It’s covered!

This endorsement does not cover deterioration, lack of maintenance, operating problems, overflows, environmental problems or contamination resulting from a private septic system. 

Water Potability Endorsement

Water Potability endorsement

This endorsement is specific to the loan policy which covers loss suffered if water from a non-municipal source is not potable by a water quality agency. This endorsement replaces the need for a water potability certificate—saving your lender clients valuable time.

Waterfront Endorsement

Identified Risk - Waterfront endorsement

This endorsement provides coverage for the owners for loss or damage from being forced by local authorities to remove their dock, fill or boathouse because it encroaches onto the water or the original shoreline road allowance/riparian protection strip.

Did you know? If the encroachment does not cause any loss or damage during the time of ownership, the Company will issue the same endorsement to the next purchaser upon the resale of the property.  This offers excellent coverage to the new owner if they face this issue in the future.

Lack of Access Endorsement

Identified Risk - Lack of Access endorsement

Seasonal properties are often passed down from generation to generation and subdivided as a family grows, whether they are located in the countryside or fronting a lake. Property owners often overlook proper legal access because it’s all within the family and access is done via private roads and paths. What happens when a property is sold to an unsuspecting outsider? We can provide coverage to owners where there is no proper legal access established. 

Lack of Access Endorsement

Increased Policy Amount endorsement

Properties values have increased dramatically over the last several years. As a result of this sharp rise in prices, it is highly likely that the seasonal property your client purchased ten years ago is now underinsured. Our owner's title insurance policy provides maximum inflation coverage of up to 200% of the original amount of insurance. The Increased Policy Amount endorsement ensures that the amount of insurance available will reflect the increase in the property's market value at the time of the claim. When you add an Increased Policy Amount endorsement, you’re giving your clients the ultimate peace of mind.

Did you know? A second home is an easy target for fraudsters who impersonate the real owners because it's not occupied most of the time. If there's one reason to purchase a title insurance policy, it's coverage against title fraud. Offer your clients the highest coverage on the market, with our homeowner's policy and Increased Policy Amount endorsement.

Do you have any existing clients that own uninsured seasonal property? Encourage them today to purchase our Existing Homeowner Policy (EHOP) and an Increased Policy Amount endorsement—to protect their seasonal property against future fraud. 

In the province of Québec, Existing Homeowner Policies are ordered through ABRI.

Have questions about our seasonal property endorsements or homeowner title insurance policies? Contact your Chicago Title Regional Manager for more information today!



Please note: The Increased Policy Amount endorsement does not provide coverage for an increase in value due to renovations undertaken by the homeowner.

This material is intended to provide general information only. For specific coverage details and exclusions, please refer to the applicable policy terms and conditions. Copies are available upon request. Some products and availability may vary by province. Prices and products are subject to change without notice.

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