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PropertyLine Platform

FNF Canada has entered into a strategic partnership with Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to provide residential property data to real estate appraisers across Ontario. 

A new FNF Canada/MPAC online delivery channel has been developed that will provide access to the data, and will offer the following reports to subscribers: 

  • “Residential Floor Area Report”
  •  “Subject Property Detail Report”.

Appraisers who wish to participate in this program can take advantage of its significant cost benefits by completing the registration form below and purchasing credits through our online payment portal.

FNF Canada / MPAC Reports - Pricing Options

As part of our new partnership with MPAC, FNF Canada has secured significantly lower pricing to access the reports.

  • Residential Square Footage Report – can be accessed for as low as $2.00 (plus HST) compared to the $5.00 a report (plus HST) offered directly from MPAC

For ease of access and usage of the report FNF Canada has set-up a payment portal to purchase your report credits. Follow the link below to access the payment portal.

 FNF Canada Pricing Table

FNF Canada / MPAC
Residential Floor Area Report and
 Registration Form

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Please contact us directly with any questions about the reporting platform and our partnership with MPAC.    

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